Many of us know what we DON'T want to do next, but do we know what we DO?

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The Insiders Guide to Making a Quick

Career Change for Mid-to-Senior Level Professionals

From: Neil Schultz

McKinney, Texas

Dear Friend,

You really CAN make a successful career change!

If you want to understand the best way to launch your career transition successfully, then I have significant news for you.

Here's the News about Change...

Change isn't something that can be taught.

It's person-dependent, and pivoting your life really is just a byproduct of all the events and things leading up to that point.

Whether you're in a career transition, relationship transition, life stage transition or experiencing the death or long-term illness of a loved one...

change is upon you... whether you want it or not.

This book will open your eyes to:

  • 6 Things Trying to Tell You It’s Time to Change
  • 10 Solid Reasons to Change Right Now
  • 8 Reasons Why It Might be Time to Change Your Job
  • ​5 Strategies to Overcome Fear So You Can Make a Big Change
  • 6 Ways to Push Yourself into Action when It’s Time for a Change
  • A Solid Action Plan to Help You Make a Change Faster Than Going It Alone

How I've Made Career Pivots

Since 2010, I've been a full-time career coach, resume writer, and reverse recruiter earning my living working for clients, self-publishing books and creating courses.

I was a US Air Force Chaplain for about eight years, serving in the Air National Guard.

I was also a pastor in local churches and a life coach.

My bride and I have seven children all living under our same roof together (YES! We know how that works, we have a TV, and we want each of them!) :)

I've held 28 jobs over the past 30 years of my life, since I was 16. I used to be ashamed of that number. However, most of them were due to an unquenchable desire to learn and experience new industries and people. More importantly, I was mainly seeking clarity to figure out who I was and what I wanted.

Sometimes, I was forced to make a change: visions didn't align, downsizing, restructuring, startup ran out of capital, expectations weren't what they seemed at the outset, etc.

Other times, I made the change out of purpose, but I did them alone. It was HARD. I want you to experience life on the other side of confusion and ineffectiveness, because that's where my head was most of the time I was in career transition all those times.

THAT'S where this book will help you MOST:




These are just a few examples that show the methods I use in helping people find clarity through their career transitions and then to finding work they love... AND are well compensated for... FASTER than going it alone.

Headshot of Pam G

"Neil will get to the point on understanding how to pivot and provides depth behind it. I think it is a good read for many going through career changes and transitions but also changes in life it is applicable."

Headshot of Ader A

"If you are in search of a new path with a different perspective on life, I encourage you get this book and also follow him on LinkedIn."

Headshot of Debbie S

"I felt more excited and ready to make a change. It helped me realize it is ok to release what I am doing now to start a new career because if a change does not work out, you can just pivot again."

Headshot of Greg J

"This book is a great place to start the process of finding a job. It guides you through all the choices you need to make before creating and sending your resume."

You CAN Make a

Successful Career Pivot!

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Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Neil and Robyn Schultz

PS: In case you're like me who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm offering you a 45-page book that outlines how to make six figures employed in meaningful work... even if you think you can't change at this stage of your career.

The book is $5.00.

Click below to claim your copy now.

You won't regret it.

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